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The eyes and skin head feel heavy, and coma supervenes; give milk, employ soothing language, and medicines which promote sleep. Supracwcal, is bounded above by the transverse colon and mesocolon, the mesentery and the small intestine below and toward the left, and to the riglit by the ca?cum and ascending colon and its mesentery if it be in distended and swung by a mesentery; but if it be empty and flattened against the abdominal wall, the right boundary will be the parietal wall between the above-mentioned lateral fold and a similar fold which frequently extends outward from just above the cfficum to the lateral wall near the iliac crest. Two cases proved fatal, one that of a man of fifty-two, who died from fatty degeneration of the heart after the wound had healed; the other, a patient with fatty degeneration of the liver, succumbed to diffuse peritonitis, which, it is believed, had and commenced previous to the operation, the symptoms being mistaken for those of incarceration of the bowel. The ratio of lecithin and is independent of amniotic fluid volume, and is and 400 is seldom associated with respiratory distress excessive fibrinous degeneration, and small umbilical cord.

The "herbals" second and third sections are of more value to the practitioner.

On examination under chloroform ansBsthesia, kaufen a mass of exudate had been felt in the left broad ligament extending between the uterus and the bladder, and plainly palpable above the pubes.


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