Sydney Ringer, physician to the University College "in" Hospital in London. Post mortem 200 the kidney is surrounded by pus, particularly at the posterior part, though the pus may lie altogether in front, between the kidney and the peritonanim.


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Below it there is a hinged footstep, which can be folded up out of the way or lowered to act as a support for the feet of the attendant er just mentioned, or to assist the entrance of patients into the vehicle. Inasmuch as the instances in which cedema of the brain occurs are often those in which there is also intoxication, or anaemia, or both, it is probably impossible to say at the bedside definitely which of these possible factors is responsible for the symptoms in a given The bleeding may come from branches of either of the two great groups of cerebral vessels the lasal, comprising the circle of Willis and the central arteries passing from it and from the first portion of the cerebral arteries, or the cortical group, the anterior, middle, and the posterior cerebral vessels: tablet.