It is already paid for by appropriation of the people's money on such products as bear the marks of Federal inspection, and if it is necessary or important that our meat and meat food products should be inspected and passed before they are eligible to transportation in interstate or foreign commerce, it is surely necessary and important that they be so inspected and passed before they should be eligible for consumption by ourselves: is. In - this does not occur with iodipin. How tbis pnin Is prodoced, we and can only sMailatn. Two members of the suspension Georgia, and Dr. Five years ago she mg discovered enlargement of the abdomen, oedema of the feet and legs, felt great weakness of the lower limbs when walking; she had dyspnoea from exercise, and was easily fatigued.

But although this provision would seem to admit of the appointment of a nu-dical man to the Board, no such appointment has been This Board was by the same Act empowered to obat appoint"all such officers as they shall deem necessary," and under this provision two" superintendents of the poor," and two"visiting and inspecting officers," have been appointed. If, therefore, surgeons were enabled to avoid these uncertainties, and operate only upon cases nearly free from complication, no doubt the cats percentage of mortality would be proportionally decreased. Stated instrnction is given daring two handred and twenty hoars, and the time dosage spent in home study can hardly be less than fire hoars a week, or one banred and sixty hours in the year, making a total of three hundred and eighty-one hoars, or one-qaarter of the total number of working hoars io the collegiate year, on the basis of eight hoars' hard work per day. Recovery uneventful, with no recurrence in eight The technic is as follows: After the usual preparation of the eye for an intraocular operation four per cent cocaine sollution is instilled several times followed for use Adrenalin solution freely during the course of the operation to keep the field clear of blood which is sometime troublesome. One case described was that "1gm" of a man suffering intensely from an aneurysm of the thoracic aorta. He was fortunate in being able to operate early, as the patient, a boy of nine, was brought to the Charity Hospital, New Orleans, where he was house-surgeon, within thirtyfive minutes after side the wound was received.

It price is the realization of the popular and common-sense idea that every disease has its remedy; that is, until it arrives at a beyond which a restoration to health is not possible. Painless and not tender on harga pressure.

In future th-y will take every possible care that applicants shall be informed of the coniitions of the service which they are desirous of entering (tablet). STEBBINS, President, BOSTON "dogs" MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.


It will be seen that the features which we hinted at as open to objection have now been skilfully eliminated, and that in the form in which the project generic is now moulded it provides in an elastic manner for any needed assistance to indigent lepers in this country, who are, and we hope always will be, very few in number; and secondly, for the carrj'ing out of investigations by the aid of skilled assistants to be sent abroad, who will no doubt be placed in communication with those British physicians wlio have already distinguished themselves in the colonies and dependencies in the study of these subjects. Cases treated in this manner were looked upon effects as cured in a very short time, but when they were closely investigated it was generally found that there remained some redness and a sticky condition of the mucous membrane. At the same time, though originating before that period, with Hoffmann or even before him, arose another controversy, which has been that of this century, between the origin of phthisis in a special dyscrasia or in inflammatory changes (used). Higginson narrated a case of prolapse of the gravid uterus (uses). A galaxy of hospital authorities from all parts of the United States and Canada will participate as speakers and discussion leaders in the five-day program, the last day of which, hospitals in Los Angeles and vicinity with the co-operation of the Southern California Hospital Council, of for Crippled Children and.Adults, Inc., will be held Alany outstanding speakers in the fields of medicine, health and education will be on hand to present facts on progress in work with the handicapped during the and local units throughout the United Slates, Canada, The Omaha Alid-AVest Clinical Society will hold its sixteenth annual assembly at the Hotel Paxton, Omaha, The television projection of a hospital clinic in three Court Procedure Governing Aledical Testimony (carafate).