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Thus we find them in the albuminous urine of fever patients, when the albuminuria has lasted for but three days; they are not absent from the urine furnished by the cyanotic kidney of heart disease, so soon as the venous obstruction is enough to induce albuminuria; they are encountered in great numbers, both 2.4.2 in acute and in chronic diffuse nephritis; they are present, though few in number, in the aqueous urine of simple contracting and amyloid kidneys; they are also present, finally, in cases of local deposits in the kidneys (for instance, hemorrhagic infarctions, directly the pressure causes the urine to become albuminous). It was easily reduced, but shortening to was persistent. Palpation may reveal rigid recti muscles, the result of incipient peritonitis; pyloris or be duodenal ulcer results in a fixing of the right rectus muscle, while fixation of the left rectus is indicative of ulcer at the cardiac end of the stomach.

The discovery of the Spirochaeta you pallida (Schaudinn) and the serodiagnostic investigations of Wassermann have helped to clear up the etiology of many doubtful conditions.

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In neither of these instances need results prove fatal, and recovery may be complete unless in the instance of the kidney the tubular structure has of been seriously affected.

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