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If at the same time there is an buy alternate relation between the occurrence and disappearance of the icterus and the hemorrhage, the inference is admissible that the latter is located in the immediate vicinity of the gall-ducts. To revert to the all important matter of Prophylaxis: we must remember that herein lies our greatest duty in the treatment of yellow fever, and that the most important feature of the treatment is the complete and perfect isolation of each patient from mosquitos (hcl). Three varieties are formed, depending on the verapamil particular sodium salt (ortho-, meta-, or para-) used. Gentry, Ernest R., sr Captain, Medical Corps. Oil, choline and trigonelline, little starch, proteids, and other ordinary side constituents. Some autopsies have shown anatomical changes in the cervical sympathetic and its ganglia, but in others no morbid 240 appearances have been found.

The exuding of this ointment 15 lasted about eight days. Our correspondent asks action, and says that on the face of it tbe circular is a strong condemnation of vant of initiative on tbe part of tbe British Medical Association: retard. It should have plenty of exercise and never be tied up (transdermal). He the saline fluid was ejected; and he knew many who had had the extraordinary luck to escape both the doctor and the disease, yet rendered miserable for the remainder doz of life by the effects of the immense doses of mercury which had been given to them during the cholera paroxysms.

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