They consist histologically of a cell-growth, resembling granulation tissue, and, unlike the earlier manifestations, show little tendency to resolve, but iv evince a marked tendency to undergo caseous and calcareous changes and to produce necrotic processes in the infiltrated tissue. MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT OF TRANSPORTS Embarkation, is charged with the "tablet" medical superintendence of the transport service. It may have been a legitimate wish upon the part of so clumsy an operator, and were the saws wc have named capable of affording sucli facilities, we should strongly recommend for them to his attention; but, as they are certaiidy not fitted to afford such assistance, a simpler expedient would perhaps be more easy of adoption, viz., that until a man acquires the very moderate degi-ee of command over his hands and eyes necessary for the performance of so simple an operation, he had much better totally abstain from engaging in the operative department of his I. Do not wait for the action dose of a calomel purge. Other medication is 40 directed to the indigestion, and has already boon considered. Iodide of potassium must always be given in large doses; from thirty to sixty grains may be given in from four to six ounces of water, three or four times effects daily until the desired effect is reached, which is the disappearance of the cerebral symptoms.

Sodium dioxide, trioxymethylene, and other agents used more or less extensively by calcium dioxide, strontium dioxide, sodium perborate, and others that give otF oxygen when brought in contact with water are side being used in tooth powders. On account of its antiseptic action, eucalyptus-oil and eucalyptol have been used in typhoid fever, being and chronic bronchitis eucalyptus loosens depo the secretions, stimulates and gives tone to the mucous membrane, and exerts, withal, an antiseptic action, especially in cases accompanied by free mucopurulent secretion. A proposiiion, if I mistake not, was made some years ago, by the Smithsonian Institution, and I would respectfully suggest, whether it would not be in accordance with the best inteiests of the association, to hold biennial meetings in Washington, and the alternate ones, as now, at different points "day" of our common country. B., points out that" Kali carb" was frequently used by the earlier practitioners in place of injection pulsatilla, with marvelous results in many cases.

The uloeis oceoning on the tongue, aspcdally on its upper pack surftoe or aides, whicli are exposed to many pourref of Injury, torm more or leas deep fissures, or extenslrc loaaes lonii eiotignled, skalloir excresccnoea; oa the dorsum of tho tongue, on the contrary, they form round or oval warty regctatioDS, witli brood Iksts, often separated by fismnvs. In combination with the blood guaiacol has no treatment such action.

Gaspard adds, that he has witnessed at t Hospital Saint Elai, several very curious observationsj but he does not relate any, and contents himself with telling the history of an operation for variocele, which was cured, but without throwing acetate much light upon the method.

In - a feeling of weight and fulness of the epigastrium often precedes vomiting of blood. This percentage includes only gonorrhea in original examinations and obvious cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and syphilis) during medrol the year in the entire were not given. Blocq offered a case contains hundreds of observations and in which exophthalmic goiter was cured case reports pointing to a close relation after double oophorectomy; Eastman a between the thyroid gland and the fe- case of hyperthyroidism relieved by the male genital organs but they are mostly removal of a fibro-cystic ovary and the vague, solu variously and loosely interpret- tube.

(u) The weight of mg all soldiers measured should be recorded. As a result of this difference in cause shape, there follow certain characteristic differences in appearance under the microscope.