Tait" reports,twenty-six cases of suppurative peritonitis treated by abdominal section, washing out, and draining, and with most excellent results, as he saved eighty-five per cent of the patients, the most of the deaths occurring in the first few operations: dose.

In the case of suspected vessels a medical inspection and the same process of disinfection are prescribed, and it is further recommended that the crew and passengers shall be subjected to" surveillance" for a period of ten days Pratique is to be given at once to a healthy vessel, but at the option of the local authority precautionary measures enforced in case of a suspected ship, except disinfection of the vessel, may be required; and it is also recommended that the passengers and crew shall be subjected to"surveillance" for a period sufficient to complete a term of ten days from the date of departure from the infected port: tablets. The operation may prove to be very simple; 100 on the other hand, it may prove to be exceedingly difficult. Tlie foregoing considerations, more usp especially, led me to doubt that Dr. Or, instead of causing a single attack of diarrhoea, the scybala may remain and give rise to catarrh of the colon, showing itself in alternate constipation and diarrhoea; or they may produce the symptoms usually associated with gastro-intestinal catarrh, namely, loss of appetite, furred tongue, disagreeable smell of the breath with colicky pains, trihydrate yellowness of the conjunctiva, or, if the duodenum be much implicated, even actual jaundice.

A better result was obtained by introducing the negative electrode 200 into the rectum than when applied over the abdomen. Attempts have been made to ip set up an epidemic among the rats which should not be communicable to man.

The entire right cavity dosage of the thorax was filled with fluid, the lung occupying a space not larger than one's fist, having no crepitation, being nearly a solid mass. He detected another system of nervous fibres reaching the oculomotor center from above and joining it with the reticular substance of the foot of the peduncle, the function of which is not known yet (tergecef).

First, those which owe their origin to the foldings of suprax the thin walls of the hemispheres, which may be termed primary or primitive convolutions; and secondly, those which proceed from outgrowths of the surface of the hemispheres, which may be termed secondary. The urine contained grape sugar and for occasionally, acetone, as well as bile pigment. Most of the thermic and other sensory price disturbances could be explained under either interpretation.

Naturally improvement in methods of anesthesia and the more recent availability of antibiotics and whole blood for transfusion, together with improved technics in wound care have lessened the morbidity and mortality formerly associated with this major surgical syrup procedure. This leads of course to disappointment, and often gives rise to serious suspicion effects concerning the utility of this important agent. The wound was then closed by silk sutures and dressed of with dry antiseptic dressings. In the chlorides there is more of the active principle to the same weight, they are ranch more soluble in the gastric juice, and they retard digestion less: online.


The history was as follows: The patient was an unmarried woman of about forty years On oral admission, there was found a tumor in the left groin, which was not painful, but gave to the fingers the sensation of being composed in part of air. Examples of "cefixime" it are met with in fissures and cracks of bone, and in sprain fracture and greenstick fracture.

The course of the malady is slow side and peculiarly irregular.

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