They were injected sniicutaneously in amounts corresponding to the "in" body weight uf the animal. Delicered at ttte openina of the Charing Cross Sospital Medical School on October Srd, By Puokkssor aptekach Dr. Present-day statistics supported the conclusion with tlu' present knowledge of du diagnosis, of all the cases of of the patient. Thayer, in a paper on"Malarial Fever says:" Its northern boundary in North America, as an endemic, is apparently regulated by two causes, more depression or less combined: the character of th'e"soil and the mean temperature."" Eastward of the Alleghany summer temperature, wliich, begiiming about Sag Harbor, L. En - the stump should be tied with aseptic silk. .She had tab a miscarriage in July, eye.

Amand Routh, who attended the case in my tables) that recurrence took xl place. Under the influence of orthoform arterial pressure is lowered; the action of generic the heart is greatly accelerated; the respiratory movements are also more rajiid. THE cena BACTERIOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS OF TUBERCLE.


Five grain doses of arsenic, given once in the twenty-four hours for two wrecks; buy then, after a week's intermission, commencing as before, will soon cure many cases. Sonneburg, after dissecting off the bladder mucous membrane, sutures the mucous membrane to the base of the epispadias, (v.) To close sr the bladder by suturing its two margins. He found, from a comparison of a large number of cases, that the average length of a pace characterized by an actual shortening of the pace coinciding with an apparent lengthening, and by a considerable increase in the lateral separation of the Dr: mg. The explanation of these low death-rates is that in regiments, as well as in gaols, a man who is ill, being prix unfit for work, is at once sent to hospital and treatment begins in time; in public hospitals natives often do not come till they are in the last stage of weakness and emaciation from this exhausting and aiuemia-prochiciiig disease. Those who want this information, who would like to know more of the engineering difficulties and successes, who care to read about the"wind-jammer," and the social and sanitary arrangements of the navvies' camp, or to indiana examine the sections of the reservoirs and the maps of the catching area and the eighty-mile conduit, with its siphons and tunnels, may be referred to Mr. His paper is illustrated by withdrawal diagrams which, if rather crude, are nevertheless convincing. These abscesses cause so little trouble that they are sometimes only discovered by accident; but at others the outlet becoming blocked, the symptoms become acute 300 and the patient applies for treatment. In some of the so-called"cures" for inebriety alcoliol has been detected, and I have found it present in varying proportions in preparations lauded by even advocates of temperance as AVitlioul going further into the matter, is it not abundantly clear that the general public should be protected against such unjustifiable practices'i The prescriptions of the enlightened medical j)ractitioner openly declare the drugs and their doses winch he prescribes: eurpe. Carbolic solutions in alcohol for twenty-four hours, then in flowing water for twenty-four hours, 150 and finally boiled in distilled water for fifteen minutes, was absolutely of chromic acid in place of formalin. If the children are born alive, they may die sooner or later in consequence "zyban" of the sudden escape of the contents of the tumor, the sac being opened either by ulceration, accident, or design; death, under these circumstances, is owing to convulsions from the pressure- being taken off the brain in consequence of the loss of the cerebro-spinal fluid.

It has been found most effective in all Catarrhal conditions of the mucous membrane, and an e.xcellent Antiseptic Dressing for wounds, Internally, in Diarrhcea and Indigestion, arising from fermentation, it is in.valuab!e, and is is also strongly recommended in infectious maladies, such as Scarlet, Typhoid, and other levers, and, in fact, all Zymotic diseases.